Monday, April 26, 2010

I made bread

So onward I continue with my journey of incorporating organic into our lives. One way of doing so is to eat less meat and come up with recipes that incorporate more vegetables and beans. This was my goal for the week. On Thursday I came home to make my own bread. Never thought I could do it, but I did and it came out great. I figure I would use the bread for Panini's as well as with dinner this week. This was not organic, but I will start to make this bread organically once I finish all the flour I have. I probably will still use the regular yeast as I only use 1/4tsp.

On Sunday I got up to cook for the week and this is what I prepared. Chili with a half a package of ground turkey (10oz) and a cup of red kidney beans and a can of black beans, turkey meatballs with spinach (1/2 a frozen box) using the second half of the turkey package, and chicken paninis with Risotto Cakes.  I also added the second half of the spinach to the Risotto cakes. Well for dinner we had the panini and the cakes. It was a huge hit. Nothing was organic except the Arborio rice and chives. Tonight we will eat the chili. My mom was over yesterday and apparently loved the chili. She had two servings of it. I got a feeling this is going to be good to. I used organic red kidney beans and organic black beans as well as organic onions. I will make organic rice tonight to go with this. This will be the most organic meal we have had to date.

I only used 20oz ground turkey and I hope to have two meals from the turkey meatballs and one meal and a half (since mom ate a bunch). This can totally be done organically. I would just need to buy 1 1/2lbs for four meals. Organic ground turkey will be on the shopping list for next months Whole Foods shopping trip. I might also buy some organic flour as well.

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