Friday, April 16, 2010

How it all began

Well this is my first post. Since I found out I was pregnant, I switched to organic milk for baby. When DS (dear son) was born and started to eat, I made sure he ate mostly organic. I really felt it was important that my DS not be exposed to any harmful chemicals, perservatives, ecoli, etc.

Well I recently decided that we as a family not just by DS will add organic to our lifestyles. My DH (dear husband) needless to say was less than thrilled. "Organic is way too expensive, we can barely afford it for DS who is 13 months." Well I thought about how I could incorporate organic for the entire family without blowing our budget. Not an easy task. We generally budget about $300 for food. With an additional $60 for food for DS. Okay that sounds like a lot for DS, to be honest, its $30 twice a month to go shop at Trader Joes. I tend to bring food home not just for DS but for me and DH as well. So about $20 goes to DS and $10 goes to me and DH.

One day I came up with an amazing idea. What if one week, we shop at Whole Foods or Trader Joes and the other three weeks shop at our local supermarket. I would keep to the same $75 budget. It was awesome and I was sure DH couldn't argue this. So I told DH and like I though he didn't really have an argument.

On March 15, we as a family went to the newly opened Whole Foods. I can't tell you how excited I was to go to the store. Even thought I had two babies whinny the entire time, they couldn't put a damper on my joy. I walked in and instantly so the produce. I don't even like vegetables but let me tell you I wanted to try all of them. The store was absolutely amazing. DH picked up some blackberries 2 for $4. "This is cheaper than the non organic ones at Waldbaums." I agreed and we bought some. Come to notice a lot of the produce was surprisingly competitively priced. I couldn't believe it. Well we grab a bunch of produce and continued on our way. I got yogurt for baby and chicken nuggets. The nuggets were expensive. $4 for about four servings. Trader Joe's was definetely cheaper. Than I got him some frozen vegetables and fruit. Oh my gosh, the selection was to die for and the prices were awesome. I thought to myself, I can do this. Came down the bulk isle and decided to try Quinoe. Not a fan, but it was nice I paid only $1.84 to try it.

Having all said and done, we got to the register and I had two $5 off $25 that was mailed to me for the grand opening. We spend $60 and after coupons $50 is all we spent. We did not get any meats, seafood or prepared foods. We did not get milk or juice either. But I knew I would be able to do this again in a month.

Well that time is tomorrow. My second try to sucessfully feed my family for at least a week. I much better prepared now. I was able to see some of the brands they sold and was able to secure some coupons. There were also coupons on their site. And lo and behold two days ago I received another 2 coupons for $5 off $25. God is definetely smiling on me. Wish me luck.

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