Monday, May 10, 2010

Stop & Shop

Ok, slowly organic food is becoming my life and shockingly my DH is showing signs as well. I now don't want to buy non organic meat at all even if it's not from Perdue or Tyson. I'm even willing to forgo meat at every meal - not sure if DH is though.

We, okay I decided we would go to Shop & Stop today since they are known for their extensive organic section. Well the trip overall was a success. Organic black beans $1 for a can, Organic turkey (1lb package) on sale for $2.99. DH bought some Kashi cereal. And we got the normal fruits and veggies. One thing they did not have was organic golden delicious apples, DH's favorite. They were all out. I bought some red peppers for a dish and these were expensive. Two small ones were $5.00. Note to self, said recipe will be made once a month max. Anyway a pretty good shopping trip. We needed to buy beer and buns for dinner with the in-laws so our bill came up to $95. I'm thinking we would have done well if it wasn't for the extra $30 for beer and buns.

Dinner this week will be chili, Peruvian chicken and chimichangas. Made the chili and Peruvian chicken yesterday morning. Will make the chimichangas tomorrow - crockpot style. Hope its delicious.

Monday, May 3, 2010

A rough Weekend

Well this weekend was a busy one.  Unfortunately I did not come up with a shopping list nor a menu plan for this week.  On Saturday I came home from work and was out in the garden for three hours.  It was a lovely day.  Warm in the 80's.  I started my vegetable garden.  Planted broccoli, onions, peppers, lettuce, cucumbers and carrots.  I'm so excited.  Last year's garden was a bust.  I very determine to grow more of my food this summer.  This will go far in our organic diet and hopefully will save money as well.  I am currently doing the Square Foot Garden.  So far I have one 4 x 4 raise bed and want to construct two more, however one more will make me happy. I also planted 150 summer bulbs.  My hands and body are very sore.  Who new gardening could be so taxing on a body.

On Sunday, DH (dear husband) had softball.  We were up bright and early (thanks to DS (dear son)) at 6:30am.  We actually got to sleep in late since DS is usually up by 6am.  Well I got up and started cooking.  I had no menu and we didn't go grocery shopping the day before so I thought quick on my feet.  I took out the night before (impressed huh?) and took out the seasoned chicken legs and a whole chicken.  I cooked the chicken legs and made roasted potatoes using rosemary from my garden from last year.  I also made brown rice and saute pork chops.  I was going to make another chicken dish from the whole chicken but unfortunately it was still frozen.  I decided to eat leftovers stuffed shells I made two weeks ago that are frozen.  I was done my noon all while watching my DS.  I have to say DS tires me out, but I had a ton of fun with him just us two.  The only time that its just us is in the evenings when I'm home from work.  Unfortunately its after 6pm and he is exhausted, hungry and very cranky.   It was a nice change of pace to see him so happy and playful. 

So as I sit here on Monday I start to think of what I need to accomplish this week.  I want to make bread tonight so I will start that and bake it tomorrow.  I also want to start my red pepper seeds indoor as well as start my inside herb garden.  Let's see how much I can get done.