Monday, May 10, 2010

Stop & Shop

Ok, slowly organic food is becoming my life and shockingly my DH is showing signs as well. I now don't want to buy non organic meat at all even if it's not from Perdue or Tyson. I'm even willing to forgo meat at every meal - not sure if DH is though.

We, okay I decided we would go to Shop & Stop today since they are known for their extensive organic section. Well the trip overall was a success. Organic black beans $1 for a can, Organic turkey (1lb package) on sale for $2.99. DH bought some Kashi cereal. And we got the normal fruits and veggies. One thing they did not have was organic golden delicious apples, DH's favorite. They were all out. I bought some red peppers for a dish and these were expensive. Two small ones were $5.00. Note to self, said recipe will be made once a month max. Anyway a pretty good shopping trip. We needed to buy beer and buns for dinner with the in-laws so our bill came up to $95. I'm thinking we would have done well if it wasn't for the extra $30 for beer and buns.

Dinner this week will be chili, Peruvian chicken and chimichangas. Made the chili and Peruvian chicken yesterday morning. Will make the chimichangas tomorrow - crockpot style. Hope its delicious.

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